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Tuesday , 02/12/2013
  How Flu Succeeds: Investigators have identified 295 human cell factors that influenza A strains must harness to infect a cell, including the currently circulating swine-origin H1N1.
Clinical Protocols

Clinical Protocols are guiding decisions concerning diagnosis and management of specific illnesses to ensure patients are treated in a reasonable and customary a manner. Importance of Clinical Protocols in aiding patient safety is well established and needs implementation.
The USA and other countries maintain medical guideline clearinghouses. In the USA, the National Guideline Clearinghouse maintains a catalogue of high-quality guidelines published by various organizations (mostly professional physician organizations)
In the United Kingdom, clinical practice guidelines are published primarily by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). In the Netherlands, two bodies (CBO and NHG) publish specialist and primary care guidelines, respectively. In Germany, the German Agency for Quality in Medicine (ÄZQ) coordinates a national program for disease management guidelines. In Malaysia too the MOH and Universities have set guidelines for Physicians though is yet to be accepted widely.

All these organizations are now members of the Guidelines International Network, an international not-for-profit association of organizations and individuals involved in clinical practice guidelines. G-I-N is owner of the International Guideline Library - the largest web based data base of medical guidelines worldwide.

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