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Tuesday , 02/12/2013
  How Flu Succeeds: Investigators have identified 295 human cell factors that influenza A strains must harness to infect a cell, including the currently circulating swine-origin H1N1.
Critical Illness Policy
1. Provides cover against major ailments like Cancer, Renal Failure, Major Organ Transplant, and Coronary Artery     Surgery.

2. Policy does not cover diseases due to ingestion of drugs other than those prescribed by a practicing and duly     qualified member of the medical profession, ingestion of medicines for treatment of drugs addiction, critical illness     or its symptoms before the commencement of the policy.

3. Claim is not payable if the policyholder smokes 40 or more cigarettes / cigars or equivalent tobacco intake in a     day,if the Critical Illness contracts the policyholder within first 90 days from the commencement of the policy.

4. Suicides, AIDS are also excluded from scope of cover.

5. The cover under this policy ceases upon payment of compensation on happening of Critical Illness and no further     payment is be made for any disease.
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