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Tuesday , 02/12/2013
  How Flu Succeeds: Investigators have identified 295 human cell factors that influenza A strains must harness to infect a cell, including the currently circulating swine-origin H1N1.
Standard Mediclaim Products
The Financial Mediation Bureau (FMB) has set specific guidelines on matters relating to Medical Insurance policy matters and general exclusions are generally adopted by all Insurance companies, however each company may also their own specific exclusions clauses.
Scope of Cover Recommended For

Who is eligible to apply?
Age of Entry
Minimum age of entry: 30 days old
Maximum age of entry: 60 years old
Maximum age for renewal: 70 years old (nearest birthday)

General Exclusions
1. Pre-existing illnesses / conditions: These are conditions to which the patient has reasonable knowledge of,
   a) medical investigation & diagnosis, b) medical advice or counseling, c) medical management, d) definitive signs    and symptoms and e) strong evidence of knowledge of the disease.

2. Specified illnesses such as the following are not covered for the first 120 days: a) Metabolic and lifestyle diseases,    hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, b) Malignancy related diseases, tumour, c) Ear, nose, throat    problems including sinusitis, d) Hernias, hydrocele, varicocele, haemorrhoids, fistula, cysts, Calculi, e)    Endometriosis and related illnesses, and f) diseases related to Knee and major joints including vertebra spinal    disorders.

3. Any medical disease that occurs within the first 30 days of the policy or reinstatement

4. Plastic / reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, surgical correction of defective acuity of vision, implantation of    medical devices, prosthetic appliances

5. Dental related treatment and oral surgery

6. AIDS and other venereal diseases, substance abuse and any communicable disease requiring quarantine

7. Medical & Surgical management of congenital and hereditary conditions

8. Pregnancy related diseases and treatment for infertility

9. Treatment related to erectile dysfunction, sleep disorders and hormone replacement

10. Any medical procedure solely for investigative purposes only

11. Treatment for management of body weight and treatment by TCM methods

12. Suicide and related incidences while sane or insane and Psychological illnesses

13. Other conditions such as acts of nature, war & terrorism, radio-active irradiation and for expenses organ      donation and related expenses
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